Punarutthaana, my lab at home

I recently built a small Electronics lab at home for self-study and revision. My lab is called Punarutthaana (ಪುನರುತ್ಥಾನ, the Kannada word for resurrection) because it resurrects a childhood hobby of Electronics prototyping.

Ananya Muddukrishna in Punarutthaana, Stockholm

Punarutthaana is a compact and cost-effective lab built to fit my modestly-sized home and budget. The lab workbench is a modern secretary desk from IKEA. With compact size as the global constraint, I balanced between expensive-but-long-lasting, cheap-and-effective, DIY, and multi-purpose tools and components for the lab. A comprehensive list of things in the lab is available on request.

I will embark on a long journey of total recall and fun-filled prototyping inside my lab. Here are the first steps I plan to take:

  • Complete the Real Analog design course from Digilent
  • Build atleast one hundred self-designed or kit-based analog and DSP circuits
  • Try out and modify atleast one hundred designs available on OpenCores using FPGAs and simulators
  • Practice A/V processing and neural network accelerator design on FPGAs using Xilinx Pynq and similar devices
  • Complete embedded development and Linux driver programming courses from Free Electrons using the BeagleBone Black
  • Get hands dirty with sensor prototyping and DSP with Arduino, Teensy, and ESP32 microcontrollers

Its time to play! Adios amigos!

Building a power measurement board for the Sundance EMC2